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[Winner List]Cricket Contest: Predict And Win Unlimited Paytm Cash In Every Vivo IPL 10 Match

   4.3 ( 447 user rated) Posted By : Amit Singh         1:44 PM    
India Desire : [Winner List]Cricket Contest: Predict And Win Unlimited Paytm Cash In Every Vivo IPL 10 Match

India Desire Exclusively presents Predict and win contest In Every Match. This Contest is exclusively Available For India Desire Users.
To Participate in this contest ,The Participants have To Make An Exact Score Prediction For Winning Team For That Particular Contest!

Currently Open Contests: 

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Winners List

Match 1- SRH vs RCB Winner- Sai Santhosh 

Match 2- RPS vs MI Winners- Saurabh Kumar,  Raj, Masoom mustafa, Ghanshyam, CHANDAN, Omprakash jorwal, Naresh, Chandra Sekharpulkit, Aniruddha Thakur, Parijat Sinha, SONU, DESHU MEENA, Mirjanur Islam

Match 3- GL vs KKR Winners- Aniruddha Thakur, Qadir, Rahul Singh Bisht, kalyan,  Aryas patel

Match 4- KXIP vs RPS Winners- subhashish, sudip,PRASHANT KUMAR,SACHIN BAROD,Jagan,v s jorwal 

Match 5- RCB vs DD Winners- Ghanshyam,kalyan,Mrudula,Prakash 

Match 6- GL vs SRH Winners- No Winner  

Match 7- MI vs KKR Winners- veeram, Sajjad, Pankaj Agarwal, Sumit, wilson, amol shinde, samir jani, Sachin Mali, shashank

Match 8- KXIP vs RCB Winner- Manasa 

Match 9- RPS vs DD Winner- No Winner

Match 10- MI vs SRH Winners- Lalabhaiya Patel, Raj

Match 11- KKR vs KXIP Winners- Srinivas, Arya, Raju

Match 12- RCB vs MI Winner-  Praveen

Match 13- GL vs RPS Winners - Akshay,  Saurabh Kumar, Rohan Bagayatkar, Aazad,Vinay, Aryas patel,Anita,  Sandip roy

Match 14- KKR vs SRH Winners- Saif alam, Jagadeesh, Vinay, Avinash, Atul,  Rahul Singh Bisht 

Match 15- DD vs KXIP Winners- Sumit, chandra.m, pulkit, Parijat Sinha

Match 16- MI vs GL Winners- Aniruddha Thakur, Ghanshyam, Golihole

Match 17- RCB vs RPS Winners- Prasanna 

Match 18- DD vs KKR Winners- Soma Mondal, Aniruddha Thakur, SadaShiva, Aazad, Harshit, Prasanna, Avik Bisai

Match 19- SRH vs KXIP Winners- No Winner

Match 20-  RCB vs GL WinnerAman Tripathi 

Match 21- SRH vs DD Winners- No Winner

Match 22- MI vs KXIP Winners- Hitesh Shukla, Vijay

Match 23- KKR vs GL Winners- Anjali, Nitin Jambhale, pulkit   

Match 24- RPS vs SRH Winners- Rina, Subham, Soma Mondal, Avik Bisai, TuLaSee DeVee

Match 25- MI vs DD Winners-  No Winner

Match 26- GL vs KXIP Winners- Raj, kumar, Yashika, Anjali,  Nitin Jambhale, ROHIT KUMAR, Shivam Rathore, Sajjad

Match 27- KKR vs RCB Winners- No Winner

Match 28- MI vs RPS Winners- Sahil Kochhar, Arun kumar 

Match 29- RCB vs SRH Winner- Match Drawn

Match 30- KKR vs RPS Winners- Anjali, Ram Das, Atul Das, Pratiyush Verma, pulkit, Pallav, Ujjwal Kumar

Match 31- RCB vs GL Winner- No Winner

Match 32- KKR vs DD Winner- No Winner

Match 33- KXIP vs SRH Winner- No Winner

Match 34- RCB vs RPS Winner- Meena

Match 35- MI vs GL Winner- No Winner

Match 36- KXIP vs DD Winner- No Winner

Match 37- SRH vs KKR Winner- No Winner

Match 38- RCB vs MI Winners- Pallav, Sourabh Mahata, Saurabh Kumar, manjeet, Rahul Singh Bisht

Match 39- GL vs RPS Winners- Pravesh, ARNAB DAS, Tumpa, Shishir S. Amin, TuLaSee DeVee, Hemant yadav 

Match 40- DD vs SRH Winners- SANJAY MANGAL, PRITAM

Match 41- KKR vs RPS Winners- Supriya

Match 42- GL vs DD Winners- No Winner

Match 43- RCB vs KXIP Winners- No Winner

Match 44- RPS vs SRH Winners- No Winner

Match 45- DD vs MI Winners- No Winner

Match 46- RCB vs KKR Winners- Rina, Vasantha Kumar

Match 47- KXIP vs GL Winners- Pankaj Agarwal, Bikash

Match 48- SRH vs MI Winners- Gouri

Match 49- KKR vs KXIP Winners- Varun Kumar Singh, ARNAB DAS, Haldia,  SK

Match 50- GL vs DD Winners- Tarun

Match 51- KXIP vs MI Winners- No Winner

Match 52- DD vs RPS Winners- Haldia, Subham, PRASHANT KUMAR, Vinay, ROHIT KUMAR

Match 53- GL vs SRH Winners-  sunny, Monu   

Match 54- KKR vs MI Winners- praful bhongale, Ankit Yadav, Parina   

Match 55- RPS vs KXIP Winners- No Winner

Match 56- RCB vs DD Winners- Arvind Kukreja,Gouri

Qualifier 1- MI vs RPS Winners- Gouri   

Eliminator- KKR vs SRH Winners- No Winner

Qualifier 2- MI vs KKR Winners- No Winner

FINAL- MI vs RPS Winners- No Winner









Full terms And Conditions:

1. We Are Taking Enteries Only On The Special Contest Page.
2. You Have To verify Your Mobile Number To Participate Contest. Once Verified You Can Participate In All Future Contest Without Any OTP Verification.
3. The Predictions for any match will be counted till before Time Mentioned On The Contest Page.
4. Maximum Number Of predictions For A Particular Match Will Be Decided by India Desire And Will Be Updated On the Contest Page As The Contest Will Be Open.
5. The Results Will be declared Only after Innings completion.
6. The Result will be declared on our official facebook Page Like India Desire to stay updated.
7. The Winner Will Recieve Their Winning Recharge On The Mobile Number Registered For The Contest
8. The Rs 50 Worth of Gift prize will be given only if your Prediction For Winning Team Is Exact In Any One Your guesses  Exactly matches The number of runs made by Winning Team.

9. You Can Not Participate More Than Once For A Single Contest. Your First Entry Is Final Its Not Changeable. So Be Careful While Making The Predictions.

9. If No One Makes An Exact Predictions Then There Will be No Winner For That Particular Contest

10. Any Fraudulent Activity Will Lead To Suspension From Contest.

11. For Any Queries Feel Free To Comment Below

12. India Desire Reserves The Right To Change The Above terms Without Any Prior Notice.

The Prizes :
* Every One Who Will Make An Exact Prediction Will Win Free Recharge Worth Rs 50/Equivalent Paytm Cash.

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How To Get/Claim:

* Visit India Desire Predict And Win Contest Page

* Select Contest From Drop Down

* Enter Your Name And Mobile Number &Predictions

* New Users Will Need To Verify Their Mobile Number

* Exisiting Users Entry Will be Submitted With Out Any verifications

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