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Flipkart Loot Deal: Buy Anthropology 12th Edition at Rs. 10 from Flipkart [Regular Price: Rs. 662]

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India Desire : Flipkart Loot Deal: Buy Anthropology 12th Edition at Rs. 10 from Flipkart [Regular Price: Rs. 662]

Flipkart Is Offering Anthropology 12th Edition at Rs. 10 Only.

About Book:

  • This text provides students with a comprehensive and scientific introduction to the four fields of anthropology.
  • The book helps students understand humans in all their variety and why such variety exists.
  • The twelfth edition places an increased emphasis on immigration,migration and globalization.
  • Features Separate chapter on the history of theoretical orientations:"Theoretical Approaches in Cultural Anthropology" This book of case studies provides students with engaging,up-to-date examples of anthropologists at work.
  • DKâ„¢Maps-Dorling Kindersley,a leading publisher of educational maps,has created maps that highlight aspects of human migration and globalization,including maps on such topics as Hominid Origins,The Spread of Agriculture,Western Imperialism,Trading in Human Lives,and Migration in the 19th Century.
  • Table Of Contents Part I:Introduction What Is Anthropology? How We Discover the Past Part II:Human Evolution:Biological and Cultural Genetics and Evolution The Living Primates Primate Evolution:From Early Primates to Hominoids The First Hominids The Origins of Culture and the Emergence of Homo Part III:Modern Humans The Emergence of Homo Sapiens The Upper Paleolithic World Origins of Food Production and Settled Life Origins of Cities and States Human Variation and Adaptation Part IV:Cultural Variation The Concept of Culture Theoretical Approaches in Cultural Anthropology Explanation and Evidence Communication and Language Getting Food Economic Systems Social Stratification:Class,Ethnicity,and Racism Sex,Gender,and Culture Marriage and the Family Marital Residence and Kinship Associations and Interest Groups Political Life:Social Order and Disorder Psychology and Culture Religion and Magic The Arts Culture Change and Globalization Part V:Using Anthropology Applied and Practicing Anthropology Medical Anthropology Global Social Problem

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