Dashboard of the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak in India

Number Of Cases

21 Jan 2020 to Till Now

StateWise Cases
Data Sources:

Above Data is collected from various sources. These data doesn't guarantee the accuracy. Please ensure contacting official sources before claiming or using this data. MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE, INDIA

Follow these To Avoid COVID-19:

1.Don't Hoard groceries and essentials. Please ensure that people who are in need don't face a shortage because of you!
2.Be compassionate! Help those in need like the elderly and poor. They are facing a crisis you cannot even imagine!
3.Be considerate : While buying essentials remember : You need to share with 130 Crore Others!
4.Going out to buy essentials? Social Distancing is KEY! Maintain 2 metres distance between each other in the line.
5.Plan ahead! Take a minute and check how much you have at home. Planning ahead let's you buy exactly what you need!
6.Plan and calculate your essential needs for the next three weeks and get only what is bare minimum needed.
7.Help out the elderly by bringing them their groceries and other essentials.
8.Help out your workers and domestic workers by not cutting their salaries. Show the true Indian spirit!
9.Lockdown means LOCKDOWN! Avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. Stay safe!
10.Panic mode : OFF! ESSENTIALS ARE ON! ✔️
11.Do not panic! Your essential needs will be taken care of. DO NOT HOARD.
12.Be a true Indian. Show compassion. Be considerate. Help those in need. We will get through this!
13.If you have symptoms and suspect you have coronavirus - reach out to your doctor or call state helplines. 📞 Get help.
14.Stand Against FAKE News and WhatsApp Forwards! Do NOT forward a message until you verify the content it contains.
15.If you have any queries, reach out to your district administration or doctors!
16.Wash your hands with soap and water often. Keep the virus at bay.
17.The hot weather will not stop the virus! You can! Stay home, stay safe.
18.Help the medical fraternity by staying at home!
19.Avoid going out during the lockdown. Help break the chain of spread.
20.Call up your loved ones during the lockdown, support each other through these times.
21.Even the Virus Does not discriminate. Why do you? DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. WE are all Indians!
22.Our brothers from the north east are just as Indian as you! Help everyone during this crisis ❤️
23.Get in touch with your local NGO's and District administration to volunteer for this cause.
24.This will pass too. Enjoy your time at home and spend quality time with your family! Things will be normal soon.
25.#BreakTheChain of Unverified WhatsApp Forwards which spread wrong information! Don't forward unless you verify it.